Reflections NINFEE – with Paola Paronetto

Reflections Ninfee Giovanni Botticelli Paola Paronetto 1
Ninfee 12
Reflections Ninfee Giovanni Botticelli Paola Paronetto 3
Ninfea 50

Ninfee 12 / 20
Ninfee 30



Reflections, a concept that embraces the double meaning of the word, is the title and theme of the collaboration between Paola Paronetto and Giovanni Botticelli. This new collection is the result of the encounter between Paola Paronetto’s Cartocci and Giovanni Botticelli’s work with glass and mirrors, a fusion of distinctive materials developed by their creators, which combine thanks to their aptitude for colour and formal clarity.
The features of an apparently light material such as paper clay harmonises with the crisp lines of the mirror, the result of specific processing, finishing of surfaces and colours, have a thoughtful and meticulous balance, but remain warm and delicate.

  • Paper Clay
  • Extra-white mirror
  • Coloured mirror
  • Back steel bracket
  • Lead time: 4/6 weeks (from confirmed order)
  • Size: depending on the models
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand-worked
  • Cartocci’s colours available from Paola Paronetto colour chart.
  • Custom sizes, colours and finishes are available on request. Custom design is available on request

Available mirrors