Equilibrista Exposure Variation

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EQUILIBRISTA | Exposure Variation_01_low
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“EQUILIBRISTA Exposure Variation“

Inspired by the concept of equilibrium in more than one way: the balance of the volume and symmetry, where the constructive meets the graphic; the allusion to the anthropological dimension, where the sense of harmony, order and fulfilment comes from the perfect formal and existential balance. The weightless lightness and two-dimensional form are enhanced by the muted colours, in a perfect playful mix of mirrors and coloured glass. 


  • Gray mirror 
  • Lacquered black and white glass 
  • Back steel bracket, painted 
  • Lead time: 4/6 Weeks (from confirmed order). 
  • Limited Edition of 5 copies for model + 1 AP 
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand-worked
  • Custom sizes, colours and finishes are available on request. Custom design is available on request

Client: Swing Design Gallery

Photo credits: Ilaria Tariello