Giovanni Botticelli Studio 7

Giovanni Botticelli, designer based in Rome. 

“I have always been fascinated with the delicate and calibrated relationship between light, colour and shape.
The formal study never disregards these three elements.

The synthesis takes place through the observation point from which I assume that the object will be read, observed or touched. The product is defined from here.

Whether they are produced in series or in edition, industrial or artisanal, light-color-form are the basis of the design ideas, also at the basis of the choice of the project theme.

I fund and confuse formal worlds, processing methods, materials coming from specific production areas even far from each other.
I prefer delicacy that requires an effort of perception and appreciation.”

He studies Product Design at IED, with formative experiences at ENSA Limoges and Abate Zanetti Murano.

He is driven by an attitude to matching materials and technologies, crossing the boundaries of expertise and industrial fields.

In 2016 he has his first solo exhibition, EQUILIBRISTA MIRRORS at Swing Design Gallery. 

In 2019 he has his second solo exhibition, HABITAT, at Swing Design Gallery, in collaboration with Mazzucchelli1849.

His works are exhibited in national and international fairs and cities.

University lecturer at IED.

He lives and works in Rome.


2022 – EDIT NAPOLI – Reflections Ring and Ninfee with Paola Paronetto, Napoli

2022 – Milan Design Week | Fabscarte, Milano
2021 – EDIT NAPOLIFIGURE Mirror Collection, Napoli

2020 – EDIT NAPOLIEQUILIBRISTA ROOM DIVIDER x Swing Design Gallery with Mazzucchelli1849, Napoli

2019 – Circolo Del Design – HABITAT x Swing Design Gallery with Mazzucchelli1849, Torino

2019 – HABITAT x Swing Design Gallery with Mazzucchelli1849, Benevento

2019 – OSSERVATORIO – Cantiere Galli Design – “Forma”, Roma

2017 – OTTOVOLANTE x Mondelliani, Silmo, Paris

2017 – Operae, Equilibrista Collection x Swing Design Gallery, Torino

2017 – SaloneSatellite – 20 anni di nuova creatività, Milano

2017 – White Young Innovative | WHITE IN THE CITY | Swing Design Gallery, Milano

2016/2017 – EQUILIBRISTA Mirrors x Swing Design Gallery, Benevento

2016/2017 – Under35 – Italian Design – Triennale Design Museum, Milano

2016 – Operae, Equilibrista Collection x Swing Design Gallery, Torino

2016 – Mirror Mirror, Exworks, Vicenza

2016 – Salone Satellite, Milano-Rho