HABITAT on Eigen Huis

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HABITAT on Eigen Huis

HABITAT coffee table on Eigen Huis

The Collection revisits cellulose acetate, striving to combine concepts, design, and formal purity. The colour palette draws on independent eyewear design, featuring clean contrasts between havanas, transparent monochromes, and opaline colours. The installation resulting from the in-depth investigation is presented as a scaled transposition of architecture’s typical expressions and forms, suggesting correspondences between essential style codes and pure geometric shapes. Models are conceived as places where memories dwell, places meant to safeguard the precious memory of our things, a family of interior micro-architecture that seems to emerge from the fragments of imagined buildings. The absolute precision of design meets experimentation to raise the material’s creative potential


The Collection is composed of 9 furniture items produced using Mazzucchelli1849 acetates.

Made completely in Italy.


Swing Design Gallery

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Thanks to Monique van der Reijden
Styling: Monique van der Reijden
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