EQUILIBRISTA Mirorrs Mirrors on Living

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EQUILIBRISTA Mirorrs Mirrors on Living

EQUILIBRISTA Mirrors on N°05 Living Corriere Della Sera

EQUILIBRISTA MIRRORS COLLECTION – Inspired by the concept of equilibrium in more than one way: the balance of the volume and symmetry, where the constructive meets the graphic; the allusion to the anthropological dimension, where the sense of harmony, order and fulfilment comes from the perfect formal and existential balance. The weightless lightness and two-dimensional form are enhanced by the muted colours, in a perfect playful mix of mirrors and coloured glass.


The Collection is composed of 13 wall, floor and tabletop mirrors available in many colours or on custom request.

Made completely in Italy.


Swing Design Gallery

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Thanks to Annalisa Rosso
Photos: Federico Ciamei for Living
Texts: Annalisa Rosso