EDIT Napoli 2023

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EDIT Napoli 2023


Giovanni Botticelli is pleased to announce the expansion of the VETROGRAFICA collection, to be showcased at the forthcoming EDIT NAPOLI 2023.  

Continuing our dedicated efforts in the realm of float glass, this collection introduces an array of new models, featuring decorative wall mirrors of significant proportions and reflective tabletop sculptures, each thoughtfully equipped with customizable functionalities.

The introduction of these new pieces into the VETROGRAFICA collection signifies an important implement of our extensive exploration into the chromatic and texturing capabilities inherent in colored float glass and tinted mirrors. 

At the core of this collection is a deliberate thematic focus, characterized by geometric and essential graphic patterns, meticulously crafted through the strategic juxtaposition of reflective surfaces and solid, vibrant hues—a defining a hallmark reminiscent of Giovanni Botticelli’s distinctive style.

What truly sets these creations apart is the meticulous application of a surface printing technique, introducing an alluring blend of transparency and vibrant hues. These elements seamlessly interact with both the reflective surfaces of the glass and the surrounding environment, adding a dynamic and engaging dimension to each piece.

Treating the glass sheet as one would a blank canvas, we have harnessed the dual surfaces to inscribe essential and geometric graphic symbols with precision. Further enhancing the visual allure is the masterful incorporation of silver sandblasting, which bestows depth and enchantment upon both the front and back surfaces of these mirrors.

As always, our art truly comes to life when you engage with our pieces. Each one invites you to immerse yourself in its elegant geometry, vivid colors, and unique style, promising an enchanting and personalized experience.

“”In this instance, our proposals remain committed to the formal and chromatic approach that I hold in high regard. Without intentionally encroaching upon the realm of the ‘unique piece,’ we persist in working with a design and production approach rooted in repeatable standards and the potential for meticulous customization, all while maintaining a high degree of simplicity.”

EDIT Napoli is an innovative design fair created to support promote and celebrate a new generation of designers.
It focuses on the rise of the designer-maker who is at the forefront of a movement that is challenging the traditional chain of production and distribution.
EDIT Napoli selects a specific group of international independent producers craftsmen and enlightened manufacturers emerging as an autonomous force in contemporary design.

CURATORS: Emilia Petruccelli e Domitilla Dardi

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